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A new beginning…
WRG’s Genesis Am is what you have been waiting for…a reliable, contemporary machine affordably priced! With WRG’s customized C.A.S.S. Software, and with the newest PHX-1000 CPU, WRG is exceeding the standard in ATMs.  Optional features include an illuminated ATM top sign, electronic locks, level 1 safe, and many others to secure your investment.
Standard features
· C.A.S.S. Software
· ATP-60 Thermal Printer
· Puloon 1000-note Cash Dispenser
· S&G Spin Lock
· UL 291 business hours rated safe
· Modular component design
· Electronic journal 2000 transaction memory
· Multilingual support.
· Triple DES
Optional features
· S&G Electronic Lock
· Illuminated Top Sign
· SDD 1700 or MiniMech Dispenser
· Da La Rue Cash Dispenser
· Level 1 Safe
· Height 50” without sign
· Depth 22” on floor base, 25” to front of plastic door
· Width 18”
WRG Genesis
WRG Apollo
The next generation
WRG’s Apollo ATM gives you full size ATM capabilities in a conveniently smaller model!  We understand utilizing space is essential in you business...and the Apollo can make the most of it!  With optional features like the through the wall kit, pedestal, and the countertop, the Apollo maximizes your space and profitability.
· UL 291 business hours rated safe
· Enhanced to meet current Triple DES Specification
· Fujitsu F50 cash dispenser
· AT-P 60 thermal printer
· S&G spin lock
· C.A.S.S. software
· Modular component design
· Height 20” , Width 10” , Depth 19” to base, Depth 21.5” to handle
· Weight 100 pounds

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